Chloe Calls World Leaders to Act Now

This is Your Last Chance

Chloe Bruger


Stop. Stop just watching our marine animals die. Don’t just pretend nothing is happening. The current estimate for how many marine animals die a year is 100 million and still we decide to do nothing!


You don’t seem to understand what a huge problem this is! Sea animals are dying! Mountains of coral are dying! We need to act now before there is nothing we can do. Stop waiting for our ocean to die and do something! For a start recycle rubbish, don’t step on coral reefs, right now all the little stuff matters.


We are just watching. Right now, marine animals are struggling to get out of fishing nets. Right now, marine animals are accidentally eating plastic bags. Right now, we need everyone to take action and responsibility for our mistakes!


Don’t say “there is barely any plastic in the ocean”. That is a lie and you know it! Get out of your perfect little fairy tale! Without marine life, there would be no more coral. Without coral, shorelines would be vulnerable to rising sea levels and would push people on beaches or close to beaches out of their homes, so 200 million people would be homeless. It would cause even more changes in the weather. Could you even imagine an ocean without fish? A dead ocean? An ocean without purpose? An empty cause? Are you truly that cruel?


According to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) studies, the average human eats 2,000 microplastics weekly. There are 5.25 trillion pieces of microplastic in the ocean, so it is very likely that every fish we eat has microplastic in them. As we know, oceans are an important food source and these microplastics are affecting not just fish, but humans too and have been linked to a variety of health problems, including organ problems and child development problems! Throwing plastic in the ocean is harming everyone! Children, adults, marine life! Just stop! Look at the huge mess we are making!


Our generation can’t fix all of your mistakes. Some are undoable. If we don’t do something now, there is no person, miracle or generation that can fix this! Don’t come to me, when your grandchildren ask, why turtles are extinct.


This is your last chance!


Don’t mess it up!