What platform will PVIS use for online learning? How do students contact their teachers?

All students already have access to Google Classroom for all their classes, this will be the central platform for all students learning over PVIS@HOME. Students should use the post feature on Google Classroom to contact their teacher so that other students can see their questions and start a discussion with the class and teacher.

To access Google Classroom students need to visit: https://classroom.google.com/ then login with their PVIS email address and password. The password is the same for PVIS Email and Google Accounts.

What about live lessons?

All secondary students have a weekly schedule designed for their year level (see below). Live lessons will be scheduled in one or more of the time slots on their schedule, teachers will be posting these times on Google Classroom and will give at least 24 hours notice before running a live lesson.

We will be continuing using Google Meet for live lessons, we have had some strong early successes with the platform. This is a free, secure and reliable video-conferencing service that students can access through Google Classroom, their web browser or an application on their phone or tablet. We know that some students will not have the internet speed or download limits to access live lessons. We do not want these students to feel disadvantaged and will make sure the other learning materials posted on Google Classroom are appropriate for them to continue their learning.

Year-specific information page for

Secondary Years 7-10

Year-specific information page for


How can we support our children and their learning?

  • We want our students to stay healthy, focused and ready to learn. To assist with this please if and where possible ensure that:
  • Your child has a quiet space to study without being distracted or interrupted. If this is not possible, noise cancelling headphones can be helpful in creating a quieter environment. 
  • They have their own laptop or computer to work on during the school day
  • They are still getting a good 8-9 Hours sleep per night.
  • They are eating healthy food and still keeping active where possible
  • They take breaks from screen time, remote learning will mean more screen time than usual so it’s important that breaks are not just more time in front of a phone, computer or tv


My child needs technical assistance

Please contact ict.support@pvis.edu.vu with as much information as you can about the issue and we will try to assist you in resolving the problem.

How does my child access their email?

Students need to visit https://outlook.office.com/ and login with their @pvis.edu.vu account.

My child forgot their email and password?

Please contact ict.support@pvis.edu.vu to request a new password.