What’s the schedule? How much should students be spending on school work?

All secondary students have a weekly schedule designed for their year level. Live lessons will be scheduled in one or more of the time slots on their schedule, teachers will be posting these times on Google Classroom and will give at least 24 hours notice before running a live lesson

Schedules can be accessed at:


We know each student is different and may need flexibility around their scheduling. Students and families can create their own schedules as needed (but please try to allow for live lessons wherever possible), blank copies of the schedule have been included for this purpose.

Our student diaries are still a valuable planning, organising and time management resource, if your child has their diary at home please encourage them to use it. If they don’t have it, please have them use the daily planner included above.

Teachers will be flexible in how they approach online learning, we don’t expect things to be perfect in the first weeks and will be working to make sure our approach is running as effectively as it can be. If we find better solutions or ways of delivering learning over time we will adapt and evolve to keep our learning engaging and relevant to students. The schedules we send out this week will continue to adapt and change as needed, but this latest schedule will likely take us through to the end of the term.

Learning at home is challenging and we do not want to overload students with work. Students should expect between 3-4 Hours of activities and classwork per subject, per week.

What subjects will be running remote learning?

Students in Years 7-10 will have access to a Google Classroom run by their teacher for the four core subjects of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), English, Mathematics and Science. Students should already have access to this on Google Classroom, if they do not please have them email their class teacher. Year 10 will also continue with Workplace Practices.

We will also be running a shared classroom for all students that will share wellbeing, health, exercise and connection activities for all students in 7-12, this will highlight some things we would normally do in Tutor Group, Interhouse Activities and YumiStrong. There will also be some optional French and Creative Arts work shared with students who want to be involved.

Are there online textbooks?

Teachers can send online versions of some of our textbooks home to students, if your student needs a resource please have them contact their teacher.

Who is looking after each Year Level?

Each year group has a coordinator.

These teachers will be watching classrooms and communications, looking for students who may not be engaging or might be struggling. We’ll then be following up with families to see how best we can support you.

Year 10: Mrs. Jacob molimali.jacob@pvis.edu.vu

Year 9:  Mrs. Jacob molimali.jacob@pvis.edu.vu

Year 8: Mrs. Cretier miria.cretier@pvis.edu.vu

Year 7: Mrs. Waitai erina.waitai@pvis.edu.vu