What’s the schedule?

All secondary students have a weekly schedule designed for their year level. Live lessons will be scheduled in one or more of the time slots on their schedule, teachers will be posting these times on Google Classroom and will give at least 24 hours notice before running a live lesson

Schedules can be accessed at:


We know each student is different and may need flexibility around their scheduling. Students and families can create their own schedules as needed (but please try to allow for live lessons wherever possible), blank copies of the schedule have been included for this purpose.

Our student diaries are still a valuable planning, organising and time management resource, if your child has their diary at home please encourage them to use it. If they don’t have it, please have them use the daily planner included above.

Teachers will be flexible in how they approach online learning, we don’t expect things to be perfect in the first weeks and will be working to make sure our approach is running as effectively as it can be. If we find better solutions or ways of delivering learning over time we will adapt and evolve to keep our learning engaging and relevant to students. The schedules we send out this week will continue to adapt and change as needed, but this latest schedule will likely take us through to the end of the term.

We will be trying to keep learning as close to normal as we can for SACE Students. This means students should be completing class activities for around 5 hours per subject, per week. They should allow additional time to complete assessment tasks as they normally would.

What about tests, SAT’s and examinations?

This is a very good question, we are lucky to already have a model in place used by Open Access College for students who need to do tests at home.

When an assessment task that needs to be completed under test conditions is given to students it will now have a Test Supervisor Form. The Test Supervisor Form asks parents to nominate themselves as a test supervisor and sign an agreement that they will make sure test conditions are followed for this task. Students will not receive their test until parents have completed this form. Parents will have to sign and email that they have supervised the test and that the test conditions have been adhered to.

Assessment Tasks will continue as normal during PVIS@Home, it is important that students continue to progress through the SACE by completing their assessment tasks on time. The situations of our families and staff are greatly varied and we know there will be some challenging times ahead, we will be flexible for students around their assessments if and when it is needed (but it is important that parents and students communicate clearly with their teachers if there is a problem, we can’t help if we don’t know what the problem is). If students need additional support or flexibility they must notify their teachers before the task is due.

Please be patient and understanding when waiting for work to be returned to students, our usual turnaround time is around two weeks for Assessment Tasks, but this may be impacted by the quantities of written content and feedback teachers are working to provide during PVIS@Home. This is a new system for all of us and we are building it as we go, as I have mentioned before this won’t be perfect, but we are committed to doing our best for our students.

What about Open Access College (OAC)?

Students should continue working through their Open Access classes as per normal. If you are having any technical difficulties with your OAC Class please email learning.technology@openaccess.edu.au or visit https://www.openaccess.edu.au/help-desk

How will SACE be supporting us?

We have been in contact with the SACE board around support measures for the school. SACE has been able to adapt curriculum and assessment for other schools affected by Covid related lockdowns over the past two years and is committed to supporting us through this. Their goal as well as ours is to continue the learning as best we can given the circumstances and they will be supporting us to do this. These supports will evolve as the situation here develops, we are in close communication with the SACE International Team to make sure we have appropriate support measures in place for the conditions on the ground here.