Safety Online

The tools available on the web are amazing and contain a lot of excellent content, ideas, platforms for learning and entertainment. This is the world in which we and our young people live. Using the Internet has many benefits but like anything, these need to be used safely. 

Understanding, being prepared and knowing how to support children’s online safety is paramount. 


We understand that a distance learning environment can never replace time in school interacting and collaborating with teachers and friends, but we will make every effort to offer the best education possible in the current circumstances. Our aim is to ensure that children feel connected, safe, supported and that learning continues. 

We recommend the following to support our young people with online learning 

  • For Primary and EEC students we ask that an adult is nearby when they are joining a meeting.    
  • Where possible it is good for your child to work in a shared space so that as a parent you can check that your child is on-task, safe and being responsible online. If a shared space is not available, and the workspace is a desk in their bedroom, ensure that the door is kept open so that conversations can be monitored from time-to-time. 
  • Ensure that devices are charged in a central area of the house. Keep bedrooms device-free so that your child has a good night’s sleep and is not spending too much time on screens. 
  • Know what social media and online games your child is using and be an active and vigilant in this space.

Parent Controls 

Video explaining parental controls 

How do parental controls work? 

In the simplest terms, parental controls allow parents to manage what children do online, and when they do it. 

Parental controls can; 

  • Filter and block inappropriate content, for example violence and pornography 
  • Set time limits and daily routines for online activity 
  • Selectively block or allow individual apps and games 
  • Locate devices 
  • Set different profiles so that each family member has an access level that is appropriate to them 

No parental control tool is 100% effective. Helping your child build good online safety habits is just as important.   

Guidance on what parental controls and safety features are available and how to set them up are available at these links: 

Other Resources

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