This is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all information regarding PVIS’ remote learning

As we learnt over the last two years it is important that we navigate these uncertain times together. There is a huge benefit in being a collective and working as a team. It is important that we acknowledge the challenging times ahead, however as school and as educators with also see the immense opportunity before us to seek and create innovative solutions that will foster both learning and a sense of belonging that will last far beyond PVIS@Home and remote learning.

Distance learning can present different opportunities and challenges that don’t exist in a traditional classroom setting. While the approach to your child’s learning will be different, our goal is to deliver high quality education. Every family will face challenges and have successes. With this in mind remember that with patience, kindness and looking out for each other we will get through this together.

Be gentle on yourself as parents – you are not expected to be the ‘teacher’  or to replicate a school at home! Be gentle on the teachers – they are in this for the long haul and continue to be caring, professional and purposeful.

We know that internet access in Vanuatu is variable and that  for some families this will be logistical challenge. PVIS@Home has been designed with this in mind, with a mixture of live lessons, feedback sessions and independent work.

It is a hard reality that due to the current health crisis it is possible that members of our community will become unwell. Please note there may be periods of time where teachers or their families are unwell and therefore some teachers won’t be able to communicate and connect online. This has been factored into the design and structure of all our programs and we know that you will be understanding should this be the case.

Please know it is absolutely not possible to support your child with learning if you are unwell and it is also important to remember that if your child is sick they also need to rest and learning from home should not be the priority.  We will support and catch children up when it is appropriate.

Our priorities for PVIS@Home are ;

  • Learning – planned, targeted and meaningful remote learning
  • Wellbeing & Relationships – feeling emotionally and physically secure and connected gives our students the strongest foundation for being able to learn
  • Connectivity and Communication – ensuring everyone in our community is connected to our platforms, accessing learning and receiving regular communication from the school
  • Fun – fostering a sense of community, connectedness and fun for everyone in our community

If PVIS@Home is not working for you or your child and you need our help, please don’t hesitate to connect with your child’s teachers, another member of leadership or myself. Contact details and the different ways we can provide support can be found through our PVIS@Home pages of the website.

As a school we are committed to the ongoing learning for all the students in our school community. There will be some bumps but we are in this together and I thank you all for your support.

Rachel Woodley-Higgins
Acting Principal