How we communicate learning with families and students


Seesaw Family is how we will communicate with parents and families. The fortnightly Learning Boards will be sent to parents here along with any other communication from your child’s classroom teachers.

Seesaw Classroom is where teachers: communicate with students, teachers post Learning Boards for students, students complete learning activities and where students can post any offline learning work to their journal.

Google Meets

Google Meet is the tool we will be using to provide face-to-face contact and learning.

The purposes for Google Meet calls can be:

  • Providing face to face contact with as many children as possible
  • Giving children the opportunity to collaborate with their teacher and peers on a specific learning task – to discuss and debate
  • Checking in on children’s learning and/or wellbeing
  • Creating an opportunity to share and celebrate children’s achievements in their learning

Google Meet may also be used for activities such as sharing stories, leading assemblies and conducting short teaching inputs with small groups.

All Google Meets will be supervised by a teacher with a specific learning/focus. They are not simply opened for children to chat.

What are Learning Boards and how do they work?

The Learning Board runs for a fortnight and is an outline of activities for students to complete. Each subject area is colour coded. This is consistent throughout the whole primary school.

The Learning Boards include a mixture of online and offline activities. If an app or website needs to be used, a corresponding icon will be displayed. If there is a Seesaw icon this indicates that there is an online Seesaw activity with a matching number for students to complete.

Example Foundation to Year 2

Example Year 3 to Year 6

Fortnightly planning cycle. 

Planned activities are set on the learning board and shared on Seesaw announcements to families and students. The fortnightly cycle allows for giving feedback and setting extension activities and supporting families to work through the learning. Feedback is a critical part of the learning loop.

How many hours of learning a day is recommend for my child?

Some activities will take longer than others, and some work may continue over more than one day. We recommend that parents check in with their child around how long they are spending on an activity and being mindful of the length of time they are spending on a screen.

Foundation: 1 hour

Year 1 & Year 2: 1.5 hours

Year 3 & Year 4: 2 hours

Year 5 & Year 6: 2.5 hours

How will students connect with their classmates?

Each class will also have a daily check in time. Students will meet with their classroom teacher and classmates in Google Meet. This a great opportunity for students to have fun and communicate with their classmates on a daily basis. Each class will have a different scheduled time so that electronic devices can be shared amongst siblings. Teachers will provide the daily Google Meet link. This link will be the same for everyday of the week.

Room 10- 8.30am

Room 11- 8.45am

Room 12- 9.00am

Room 13- 9.15am

Room 14- 11.30am

Room 15- 11.00am

Room 16- 10.30am

Leadership in Primary

Team Leader Foundation to Year 2: Patricianne Shouldice

Team Leader Year 3 to Year 6: Jess Buy

Acting Assistant Principal: Erina Waitai


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