Parent Information and Student Guidelines  


Supporting these guidelines ensures that all children and families stay safe. Making sure you and your family understand and follow these guidelines will ensure we all stay safe and know what to expect when using Google Meet. Google Meet links will remain the same for the duration of PVIS@Home.  

For Children and Parents:    

  • An adult must be present when joining a meeting. 
  • Arrive on time to the meeting. We are using a wait room, please feel free to arrive a couple of minutes before your session is about to start.   
  • Please use your child’s name or include your family name when joining the meeting 
  • Children to have device facing a wall or use a background filter.   
  • Children and parent only to be visible in the video.
  •  Dress appropriately – like a casual clothing day at school.   
  • Find a quiet space with good lighting so others can see and hear you clearly.   
  • Keep your microphone on mute unless you have been invited to speak.    
  • No food while on meeting.    
  • Stay seated and stay present. 
  • Take it in turns to speak. Use the hand up signal.  
  • No photos or screen shots are to be taken.   
  • Use the chat feature to ask teachers for technical issues.   
  • Must not record, capture or screen grab any part of the meeting – this is for safeguarding purposes.