How is the learning communicated with families and children?  


Seesaw Family is how we will communicate with parents and families. The fortnightly Learning Boards will be sent to parents here along with any other communication from your child’s classroom teachers.   

Seesaw Classroom is where children can access learning activities and share their learning to their online journal. Children will require parent/guardian or an older sibling to support them in sharing their learning and access learning activities. 

What are Learning Boards and how do they work?  

The Learning Board runs for a fortnight and is an outline of activities for children to complete with support of an adult or older sibling. Each learning area is colour coded. This also aligns with the Primary school. 

Example of a Learning Board 

Each fortnight the learning board is planned around a learning focus that is based on child wellbeing, children interests and community events. The Learning Board activities extends on this focus and is supported with additional video’s shared on Seesaw aimed at extending their learning and connecting children to their peers, teachers and educators. 


Providing feedback to children and families is regarded an important part of our planning. Feedback is provided in two ways: 

  • To each child – a recorded voice message that your child to their teacher 
  • To parents/guardians – a written comment that highlights the learning we want to celebrate with you and suggestions on how you can scaffold/extend your child’s learning. 

By sharing your child’s responses to the activities, teachers are able to reflect on each fortnightly learning board to plan for the following learning board that will reflect the children’s interest and community events. 

How many hours of learning is recommended for my child? 

Activities on the learning board vary, some will take longer than others. Some activities will extend over a number of days and may take 5-10mins each day depending on your family circumstances. Other activities that your child is interested in may go for 20-30mins or even longer.  

For activities that require use of technology and are regarded as ‘screen time’, we recommend no more than an hour each day for children aged 2-5 years.  

How will my child connect with their friends, teachers, and educators? 

Google Meet is the tool we will be using to provide face-to-face contact with children and families. It may also be used for activities such as sharing stories and songs together in a live forum. The google meet link will be shared on Seesaw with families. EEC google meet is at 10am Monday to Friday. 

The purposes for Google Meet calls can be:  

  • Connect children with the peers, teachers and educators 
  • Checking in on children’s learning and/or wellbeing  
  • Creating an opportunity to share and celebrate children’s achievements in their learning 

EEC Google Meet Parent Information and Student Guidelines 


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