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Amy Wants Leaders to Battle Corruption, Crime and Human Rights Violations

Peace & Justice Today’s Children: Tomorrow’s Future Amy Howlett How would you like to live every day in fear? This is how so many children around the world live. They live without peace. They live without justice. They have to live with corruption and crime. We need to save them from a life of discrimination. […]

Chloe Calls World Leaders to Act Now

This is Your Last Chance Chloe Bruger   Stop. Stop just watching our marine animals die. Don’t just pretend nothing is happening. The current estimate for how many marine animals die a year is 100 million and still we decide to do nothing!   You don’t seem to understand what a huge problem this is! […]

Deepa’s Speech Influenced by the the UN 2030 Sustainability Goal: Gender Equality

Gender Equality Deepa Lal Would you like to be treated differently than others? Gender equality is a major goal that we need to achieve by 2030. All women around the globe are stuck in homes struggling. Especially during the pandemic. For example, women and young girls deserve the right to be happy, get an education […]

Scarlett Leads by Advocating for the LGBTQ+ Community

I’ll Try Scarlett Mitchelson   My name is Scarlett Mitchelson, and I’m here to talk about how we can stop homophobia. I may only be 12, but I hope I can make a difference in the world, or even just the country. I’ll begin with explaining some cool things and mentioning some people in the […]

Jaime’s Call For Change: IT MUST STOP NOW

IT MUST STOP NOW JAIME MOLISA   Why? Why are people constantly getting judged because of how they look? This is wrong I shouldn’t be getting treated differently to someone else because I look different to them. Judging someone because of the way they look is wrong and I admit I have judged others because […]