Welcome to our school

Currently providing teaching using the international standard Australian Curriculum, adapted for Vanuatu context, PVIS provides a high-quality education for all. While PVIS began as a school for international families, our largest enrolment group is currently Ni-Vanuatu. More than 20 different nationalities are represented at the school. At PVIS we celebrate culture and diversity every day with a high standard of education in English.

The International South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) International was introduced in 2018. The first  Year 12 cohort successfully graduated from PVIS with their SACE at end of 2019. Completion of the SACE International, at the end of Year 12, offers PVIS students direct university entrance and further education options previously unavailable to families in Vanuatu. In 2022 we serve more than 400 enrolled students.

‘The PVIS Way’ is our DNA – how we learn, teach, care and lead:

When we collaborate with and learn from each other – students, families and staff –we CREATE EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION that our students, our school, Vanuatu and the world need.

When we CREATE A RESPECTFUL CULTURE and we encourage our students to flourish, we value educators for their growth and expertise, and we support families for their positive commitments to our community.

When we CREATE SPACE FOR CURIOSITY, all parts of our school community can explore options and discover ways in which we can serve each other and build a better school.

When we CREATE COURAGEOUS, BOLD AND INNOVATIVE PROGRAMS, we can experience today’s learning for tomorrow’s world.

When we CREATE AN EQUITABLE COMMUNITY, we empower all members of our school to discover their potential.

Our Values

EXCELLENCE that inspires us to rise to the challenge of delivering our best for each other, our school, Vanuatu and the world.

RESPECT that brings us together to engage with honour and celebrate our different perspectives and contributions.

CURIOSITY that empowers our minds to wonder, to think for ourselves and to seek improvement in all we do throughout our lives.

COURAGE that helps us to lead the way forward with boldness and create solutions that will leave a positive legacy.

EQUITY that enables and affirms that we will not be limited by gender, ethnicity, class or culture and that we treat all in our community with fairness

Our Mission

To promote the learning and wellbeing of every student in a diverse, caring and welcoming community so that they will thrive in Vanuatu and beyond as the creators and advocates for their future.

To inspire belief in self and others and help us all learn what is possible during a wonderful adventure of exciting possibilities.

To seek opportunities and create innovative solutions with a social and environmental conscience

Our Vision

Port Vila International School is the leading independent school in Vanuatu.

We serve education in our country and help to build our national vision to become STABLE, SUSTAINABLE AND PROSPEROUS by being an exceptional learning community, that nurtures exceptional individuals.


Our school utilises the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) of Australia in our Early Education Centre, with the Primary and Secondary School utilizing the Australian Curriculum. This complements the SACE  International for Year 11 and 12. This offers our students the opportunity to attain an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) that will allow them to apply for direct access to universities in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Click to visit the SACE International website for more information

Our Classes

Early Education Centre

Our new EEC has two years, Little learners and Pikininis. It is a safe, friendly and fun learning area that helps your child’s education start off in the right way.

Primary School

PVIS caters from Kindergarten to Year 6 with trained teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. All teachers at PVIS have internationally recognised qualifications.

Junior Secondary School

We provide students access to all Learning Areas of the Australian Curriculum from Year 7 to Year 10.

Senior Secondary School

PVIS is now a SACE International Centre with the endorsement to deliver the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) offering a comprehensive Year 11 and 12 curriculum with an ATAR and direct university entry.

Term Dates

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